Premier Value

The aim with Premier Value is to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers by making available reward card templates branded with the Premier Butcher logo that you can simply download at your convenience and hand out to customers.

Not only will this generate a feel good factor with customers but will also incentive customer spend and allow you to compete with the supermarkets.

Additionally, the cards will act as a good marketing tool in promoting you as a Premier Butcher.

There are two types of template available.

Customers’ Reward Card (Generic Version)
This is a simple and easy way to get started. The templates provide for 8 cards to an A4 sheet. Just run off on good quality material i.e. 180gsm, guillotine and you are ready to go.

Customers’ Reward Card (Personalised Version)
This card has all the advantages of the Generic version but also allows you to insert your own logo and a line of text to provide a more personalised version.

Should you want a more sophisticated system don’t forget NFMFT Members can acquire a reward-it (insert logo) loyalty system complete with handheld device and customer management software. Just click here for full details